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Cancellation Policy

We respectfully request that you give us a 24-hour advance notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. This can be done on our Square appointments scheduling system via our website. If a client fails to give a 24-hour notice, the client will be charged 50% of scheduled services for any cancellation/reschedule within 24 hours of their scheduled appointment(s). This fee is non-refundable and cannot be applied to any future service(s). For services that are scheduled in a package a $50 cancellation fee will be charged if a client fails to give 24-hour notice, regardless of whether the entire package is already paid in full. A $15 late cancellation fee applies to complimentary appointments, like the Medical Consult.


If a valid card is not left on file when scheduling the appointment the appointment may be cancelled.

For medical services, all forms must be filled out and submitted to Emily Anne Esthetics at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. Medical services require approval from our Medical Director prior to performing the service. If a client does not have completed forms approved by the Medical Director 24 hours prior to their appointment, the appointment will be cancelled.

No Show Policy

If a client "no shows" an appointment that is scheduled, the client will be charged 100% of the service(s) scheduled. If a client "no shows" any packaged appointment the client will be charged a flat fee of $50 for the service(s) scheduled, regardless of whether the entire package has already been paid in full. Multiple "no shows" can result in the client being terminated from our business. 


If a service provider has availability for you to come in for your "no show" appointment later in the day of the missed appointment, the "no show" appointment fee will still be charged in addition to the regular appointment charge for your rescheduled appointment.

Grace Period

We allow a 5-minute grace period for any wax appointment, a 10-minute grace period for any facial appointment, and a 10 minute grace period for any lash service if you are running late. Should you arrive after those grace periods, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide your scheduled service. If we cannot accommodate you, the client will be marked as a "no show" and your card on file will be charged accordingly.


In order to service you with the best experience that we can provide, we need the full scheduled time. We ask that you arrive to your appointment on time.

Refusal of Service

Out of respect for our service providers, we reserve the right to refuse service to clients who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or who are being disrespectful or intimidating towards our providers, at the provider's judgment. If a service must be refused, the appointment will be considered a "no show" and the card on file will be charged accordingly. 

Appointment Reminders

As a courtesy and to help you remember your appointment, Square Appointments sends multiple texts and e-mail reminders several days prior. We ask that you take action when receiving your reminder- please confirm, reschedule or cancel your appointment in a timely manner. 

We value your business and ask that you respect our policies.


Policies apply to all clients, new and existing.


These policies stands through any life circumstance. Including any illness.


Thank you for your understanding.


For services rendered, we accept any major credit / debit card or cash. For tipping your service provider we accept tips on your credit/debit card, Venmo, Cash App, and cash.

Kid Free Policy

Even though we would absolutely love to experience how amazing your children are, we do ask that you do not bring them to your appointment. 


Children ages 0-12 are not allowed in the office. If any child below the age of 12 is brought to an appointment to accompany a parent, the client must reschedule the appointment and will be charged 50% of the service fee in accordance with the late cancellation policy. 


Children ages 13-17 are permitted if they are receiving a service or if they are accompanied by a guardian or parent. 

Return Policy

Retail products can only be exchanged within 7 days if product packaging is malfunctioning. Returns are only permitted within 7 days for unopened, unused products or if a client is having an adverse reaction to a product.  

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